Solid fuel stoves have an impressive benefit-to-cost ratio. Stoves can reduce your monthly energy bills, an advantage that’s particularly relevant in today’s climate. More than ever, homeowners are looking for a way to keep costs low while heating their properties. 

Solid fuel stoves, like those sold at the Fireplace Warehouse, are a simple and efficient way to avoid expensive boiler repairs and unnecessary heating charges. Plus, they come in a wide range of traditional and contemporary designs. Regardless of your style preferences, the perfect stove exists for everyone: you just have to find it! 

If you want to purchase the best solid fuel stove on the market, then look no further and come pay our showroom a visit. We have various stoves from all the top manufacturers around Europe in various differnet displays not only showcasing the stoves but also the various hearths, chambers, beams and surrounds that can compliment your new solid fuel stove.


One of the biggest benefits of a gas stove is that they are highly efficient, some of our stoves boast ratings of over 80% energy efficiency! As they do not suck in unnecessary air, energy is not wasted, so more can be produced to heat your room.

Why Buy a Gas Stove? Gas stoves boast a number of benefits that may make them suitable for your home. they are…

  • Clean. There is very little maintenance or cleaning required for a gas stove and no smoke or particles.
  • Cosy and warm. Gas stoves give off great heat and offer the same ambience as a log fire.
  • Authentic looking. Gas stoves can look just like the real thing, with realistic-looking artificial logs.
  • Quick and easy. You can light it with a button and control the heat without having to seek out fuel yourself.

When visiting our 6000 square foot showroom you will find various gas stoves on live display showcasing the various natural log effects aswel as the manual and remote controls available with gas stoves, so you can see for yourself which best suits your needs.